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I am Suze. I am a writer and a reader: a lover of words in all their forms. I am a 30- something, tea drinking, dress wearing, gin drinking, word writing, TV watching, bookworm; forever trying my best to get shit done in a body with a tendency to attack itself. I have lived with chronic pain and illness for the past 7 years; a journey that began with endometriosis, took a detour through cancer, and one that I now continue accompanied by numerous co-morbid diagnoses.

I am a woman. I am a Mama to the three most incredible boys who are every good thing wrapped up and made human. I am a wife to JB, the most wonderful man I could have ever wished to share my life with; a man who has taught me that love can both steady and all-consuming, both calm and passionate. A man who proves to me, every single day, that strength can be quietly superhuman. A man who has shown me that love and strength can prevail, even against the worst odds. I am a friend, a sister, and a daughter; fortunate enough to be surrounded by amazing people who inspire and encourage me daily. These people all make me a better person.

A work from home keyboard tapper, I exchange words for money – writing about everything from cloud computing software to environmentally friendly nappies. Evidently, I am also a glutton for punishment as, whilst earning money, I’m simultaneously spending it on tuition fees as I study for a degree in Psychology with Counselling (BSc). As well as indulging my geeky life-long love of learning, this has also given me the opportunity to learn more about the psychological impact of chronic pain and long-term illness; to learn about research-based scientific ways that our psychology can have a profound effect on our experiences of living with a life-long health condition.

I live with a consistent, over-riding sense of being engaged in a constant game of ‘give and take’ with my body as I try my best to raise happy boys, bring joy to those around me, make a difference, and get shit done.


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